Laundry Day

First, since you are most likely wondering – I have not lost ANY weight since I began this journey – yesterday.  I know this because every time I am able to forget about eating for a few minutes or my tummy starts to rumble, I dash upstairs into the bathroom to weigh myself (completely aware that the very act of *racing*  may even be contributing to shedding big pounds). But alas, nothing yet. Feeling discouraged – as well as looking for a way to occupy my salty crunchy chip deprived fingers of action, I decided to implement a reward system.

Ever since an old friend told me about her parenting tricks of sticking toddler tylenol into her children’s sippy cups during trips to the mall and outright bribery for good behaviour when company came over, I have been attracted to the benefits of rewards (For the record, this was not the parenting philosophy I chose to adopt for my own kids.  I simply beat them for bad behaviour. Way more efficient). I am goal-oriented and am motivated by progress. But mainly I just like getting stuff. So today’s challenge was to work out. Tough, I have both boys home and oodles of laundry.

oodles of somebody else's laundry

Solution: Race up the stairs and back down again, frantically carrying piles of clean on way up, disgusting & dirty on the way dow. This took 45 minutes I kid you not. Without the frequent twitter breaks, at least 7. I am spent. If I had enough energy I would go weigh in but I am avoiding the third floor until bedtime now.

And now the fun begins: Reward time: I haven’t settled on a system yet. A treat for every 5 pounds?  I like electronics, especially the ones with cute little non-edible apples on them. I also like shoes, purses, belts. Basically I do not discriminate on cow parts, I like ’em all (yes, I do realize that is part of the problem). But I also like things that hang on walls. Lately, I have discovered so many new (to me) artists whose work I greatly admire.

cassia beck photography

Lori Richards

Normally, I do try to live by example. I would never suggest this approach to my kids. But my kids aren’t sluggish unhealthy sad sacks of sludge and fat like me. Thankfully.  I think being mildly frightened of me at times keeps them out of the house a fair bit, running away from their big mean mommy. Better than drugging them, I say!  What tricks do you use??



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14 responses to “Laundry Day

  1. I like this idea! I am totally going to start setting five pound rewards for myself!! Wanting to fit into my skinny jeans by blogher is too big and too far off… five pound rewards! That’s a great idea!!!

  2. neeroc

    Can’t wait to hear how this goes. I’m far too large a slug (whoa g NOT t) to be motivated by rewards. I still haven’t found my balance yet…

  3. Diana

    the biggest reward is smaller jeans!! I have two friends that push me to go to the gym. It keeps me out of the house and away from the munchies at my most volnerable times!

    • suzieswapper

      All my friends are skinny already, I think! but you’re right – I would love to swap out my jeans for SMALLER sizes!!

  4. Nicole

    I would not recommend that you weigh yourself frequently in the way you describe. If you feel you need to weigh yourself at all, I would suggest once a week at the same time. If that seems unrealistic for you, then maybe every few days. Your body has normal fluctuations of water and other fluids and I believe you will drive yourself crazy if you weigh yourself randomly all the time.
    Also, I see you have a plan for rewards, but what is your plan to lose weight? Is it a healthy, realistic plan?

    This is from someone, as you may have a good idea about already, who works out quite a bit and is quite “fit”, but struggles with emotional eating and bad genes, but I can say from experience, that if you are in the right place to be healthier (not necessarily skinnier), then you need to have a good plan for it to be sustainable. Are you planning your meals? Or is your plan not to snack?

    • suzieswapper

      You, my friend are spot on!! My *meal plan* consists of not snacking. Beyond that, I do imagine my portions have been to large but generally I can tell healhty options from otherwise, I just don’t always follow them. I actually trying to avoid too big a “plan” because for some screwed up reason, I brain (and my stomach) seems to equate that with RULES – And you may recall I kinda suck at rules.
      Actually, joining me very shortly on this blog will be a nutritionist/trainer. Together I hope that I able to find the right balance. But like you – I am an emotional/Bored eater. I do really well – until around 9pm. So my next post will be looking for ideas on managing that. Thanks for your support and ideas, as I have mentioned, you have inspired me in the past, so I would LOVE the benefit of your experience!

  5. Lori

    I agree with Nicole. When I was (a.k.a. am) trying to lose my “I quit smoking while writing a thesis” weight, I initially weighed myself weekly (or more). nothing seemed to budge. The infuriating breaking point was when “the dude” came to the gym with me a total of 3 times and lost 7 pounds! I ditched the scale, kept working out (nothing crazy, just moderately and consistently) and made “a few more healthy choices more than unhealthy ones” each day. After 2-3 *months*, I checked the scale because I felt a bit more fit, and discovered I lost 10 (well ok, 8.5 , but I prefer to round up!) out of the 30-odd extra pounds. It’s a start. The reward? massage + pedi 🙂

    As for exercise motivation, one thing that helped me is creating a social aspect to it. Think about group activities if it’s possible, like dance lessons or a swim club… it is more fun/easy to drag yourself to if you look forward to chatting and laughing with the people you meet! And, if you disappear for a while, they ask where your lazy ass has been = accountability!

    • suzieswapper

      I love the group exercise aspect but as you’ll see in an upcoming post I do not do commitment very well. But I think I could adopt your suggestions just by calling random friends for walks, etc. Also, LOVE LOVE the mani/pedi idea as reward. Love your commitment btw! When i quit smoking and gained um, a *few* pounds I justified it by telling myself that anything was healthier than smoking (even McDonalds) – and look at me now….sigh…

  6. Okay, I’m a dork. The only thing I have to comment about is did you happen to notice that really adorable baby in that pile of someone else’s laundry? LOL Love it!

    Oh and I you might not think of yourself as a blogger but your blog seems pretty entertaining so far. Can’t wait to see how you do! Keep it up! 🙂

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