what I did not eat today

As a reminder, there are 7 tonnes of great resources for people out there looking to lose weight/ get healthy. I should know – see the picture in the header (look up) ALL those books are mine. And the reason you can’t see ALL of them is simply because I do not have a wide-angle lens (um, canon sponsorship…??). Also, this does not include  the magazine, cookbooks and newspaper clippings I have pathetically (yet optimistically)  been collecting since 1998.  These are great resources: informative, supportive and encouraging. But at the end of the day, for me at least, it is more about what I don’t do, what I don’t eat that will measure my success.  Recognizing that this will not be the best approach for everybody, I suggest simply ignoring most of what I  say and just admire the pretty pictures.

So this is what I did not eat today (um, and for the record, it is only noon). Oh, and can you guess which province I live in??

elastic waistband pasta bolognese

When I eat pasta, I do not stop. and when I do I want to lick the dish clean and place my head in it and take a nap. That’s truly how much I enjoy pasta. Clearly, this is a problem that can only be solved with total abstinence.

Food I most wish had never been discovered

I am convinced the only reason people tend to add grapes or other fruit to the typical cheese platter is to make the damage seem, well, less damaging. There is no way around it. I grew up in a family where we did not have platters – ever. School lunches consisted of a slice of bologna wedged between two pieces of white bread and an apple – sitting on top. My mom raised 3 kids on her own while working full-time. there were no cleaners, nannies, caterers. And there were no stylishly placed cheese plates either. If you were hungry, you went to the fridge and helped yourself. The closest I ever got to a platter was ripping off a wedge of orange cheese and a few unbroken Ritz crackers. But you know what – I did not have a weight problem then, so maybe there are some unexplored benefits to raising kids in a singleparent household…

alternative to KFC double down?

Ok hear me out on this one and why I present the almandine pastry as the dessert alternative to the recently banned KFC double down The double down is described as:

bacon and cheese sandwiched between two pieces of boneless fried chicken

The amandine Gooey sweet almond paste sandwiched between Flakey buttery pastry, then topped with powdered sugar and slivered almonds.

See what I mean??

In any case, it is only noon and this is what I have not eaten today. Eventually I will start boring you with my smug self-righteous healthy meal posts (oh brother), but not today.   So tell me, what aren’t you eating today?



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18 responses to “what I did not eat today

  1. Diana

    I didn’t eat scrambeled eggs with cheese for breakfast (instead I had a HUGE poppyseed muffin) and I won’t eat anything but the measle left over pasta I brought from home for lunch. and it’s only 11:30 here!!

  2. kelly

    I am honestly shocked those are all your books! I don’t own any weight loss books (minus a pamplet like book on the master clense). Also, why did you keep them all? that is truly the burning question for me!
    I am going to eat mostly whatever I want today…and lately all I want is super spicy asian food with tons of bright veg…mmmmmmmmmmm! and pinaepple, just cannot get enough pinaepple.
    What I won’t eat is pork…blech! even the idea of it makes my stomach curdle…the smell would throw me over the edge I am sure.
    Being pregnant is soooo weird…lol

    • suzieswapper

      Apparently I am not capable of doing anything without reading about it first. Part of my procrastination strategy perhaps? and now I must have Asian for dinner tonight, thanks alot!!

  3. Danielle

    ha! i just realized the other day that I also have every diet book under the sun! just started the latest one 😉

    • suzieswapper

      I am getting a twitch in my right eye, nervous that I am not reading the *latest* Which one is it – QUICK!! (and I’ve seen your pic lady, as if this is required reading material for you!!)

      • Danielle

        Oh I don’t know if it’s the LATEST – just MY latest! i’m doing the eating clean thing at the moment and I actually don’t want to kill myself, which usually i do when i try and change my eating. and i’ve seen your pic too – and you look beautiful 🙂 we’ve come a LONG way from the shared red plaid pants at 13!

  4. I didn’t eat any potato chips, I didn’t eat any candy, I didn’t eat any chocolate, and I haven’t had any booze… for like the fifteenth day in a row. And also, my life has no joy left in it.

  5. So busy cooking, I didn’t eat anything! Not even a taste of the Cranberry-Orange-Grand Marnier relish or Cranberry-Orange Walnut Bread I just made! Now in support of you, I vow to not even dip my finger into the pumpkin pie filling to taste for correct seasoning. But tomorrow all bets are off. And for the record, I have many of those books you have…and more!

  6. I didn’t eat anything proper today. I didn’t eat a meal, I didn’t eat any protein. I ate coffee, a banana, and rice cakes. I’m bad.

  7. Holly

    I did not eat CHOCOLATE! Whoot!

  8. Erika

    First and foremost, I have a FANTASTIC super free (completely!) website with a ton of resources for keeping fit/losing weight etc. You must check it out. I just started it to drop 10 lbs before beach-of-horrors-scary-bikini vacation. sparkpeople.com. Videos on easy at home 10 minute workouts (they’re intense!!!) without the need for any equipment (my style). You can youtube their videos as well, but the other benefit of the site is a meal planner/day calculator of calories to help you lose your goal weight by your goal date. It’s phenomenal, though the website has so much on it that it can be overwhelming.

    OK, sound the trumpets: What I didn’t eat today!
    Cheese. Cheesy cheesy goodness.
    On that note, carbs of any sort. *sigh*

  9. drop50lbs

    Today I didn’t have a roll with sausage and hash brown and a large latte for breakfast. Then I didn’t have chips/fries for lunch and didn’t have a bar of chocolate to keep me going in the afternoon. Then I didn’t have a huge dinner then a packet of crisps to keep me going some more then a couple of slices of toast with peanut butter for supper and maybe a couple of biscuits with a cup of tea (two sugars!).

  10. I’m sitting here eating Rockets, so….. I’ll just go now.

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