the peas & latkes

Did you grow up, blaming things (and by things I do mean everythings) on your mom, only to turn into a mom yourself eventually ( or at the very least an adult) and feel mortified & ashamed by those accusations? Um, me neither…but this time maybe it really is my mom’s fault that I have weight *issues* (you will discover this is my least favorite word ever and can only say it while rolling my eyes and grinding my teeth) And not just her fault but the fault of her mom and her mom’s mom and for sure her mom’s mom’s mom’s mom…

See, growing up jewish  really is all about the food.  We did not keep a kosher household but I do love me a big ol’ jewish spread: chopped liver, gefilte fish, kreplach, blintzes, knishe, challah, kishka . Any family get-together, celebration or  even the most casual meeting happily revolved around the food.  To her credit, my sister, a vegetarian did try to expand my palette and question my food choices.   She brought me to a John Robbins Diet For a New America workshop when I was around 14 but gave up on me when I kept asking when they’d be serving the Baskin-Robbins ice cream his family created.

(sidebar: my spell check did not recognize a single one of those dishes – kinda like my husband)

Luckily for my arteries, I moved away from home to a land filled with gentiles & fresh vegetables but nary a matzoh ball in sight.

yummy goodness

I do not have the inclination or talent to reproduce these dishes. The closest thing to a latke in these here parts is a tatter tot and I’m just not that desperate – yet. But with Hanukkah upon us, and dreidels hanging from our Christmas tree, I am getting hungry and know at the end of the day it’ll come down to this: If I can convince my MIL to make the latkes for us, should I smother them in applesauce or sour cream. Either way, I promise not to blame her for it!

sourcream or applesauce?

(Full disclosure: I was not going to write another blog post today, I swear I am not trying to bore you all to death. But then I heard this song and was inspired beyond belief. so I suppose I could have put the link to this at the top of the page and you could have just skipped all this blah blah blah – but I didn’t. and this song makes it all worthwhile, I swear!




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4 responses to “the peas & latkes

  1. Bon

    am loving all the latke posts and tweets the past couple of days. i’m 38 years old and have never in my life had a latke, and right now i would step on small children just to taste one b/c everyone has me convinced that they are the best thing EVER.

    alas, in PEI i can get decent curry and good Thai food, but nary a latke in sight. my sister-in-law is Jewish. i think i need to call her and put in a request.

    • suzieswapper

      When you convince your SIL to make them, you must try them with sour cream and apple sauce and thirdly, the two combined. And then tell me what you think! With all the PEI potatoes to choose from, you should have better access to them! And if not, next blissdomCanada we’ll go a Toronto latke -crawl

  2. I swear, you are way more interesting than me!

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