Meet Bitchy’s little cousin, Feisty.

“So I read what she wrote on the facebook page of the girl who said that thing to her, can you believe it – what a bitch!”

So in my last post, I blamed my weight gain on my mom. Today, I’d like to take aim at mean-spirited  people instead (yes – I do realize that blaming everyone except for myself may be counter-productive but that’s another post.) .  Earlier I found out I was being accused of playing mind games and other fun juvenile stuff. My problem with this is that 1)  I prefer to go for the heart, preferably with dagger or crossbow rather than waste my time with a soft, squidgy brain fat and 2) This kind of crap makes me want to eat – a lot!

As I was listening to all the gory details of my supposed treacherous behavior, all I could think of was chocolate chip cookies.  And pies. And carrot cake.  My friends voice started to sound not unlike that of Charlie Browns teacher as I wondered which would be faster: baking something or a trip to the grocery store (and if you knew just how much I abhor both baking and going out in the snow, you’ll understand the gravity of the situation.

The thing is, I cannot not get upset about these things.  And as far as my thighs are concerned, feeling upset is the same thing as eating the damn cookies anyhow.

Enter Bitchy’s  little cousin, Feisty.

Feisty has come a long way (baby). Historically, feisty was defined as aggressive, nervous, touchy but is now more often used to describe one as spirited, assertive and able to speak up for oneself. I love the fact that a word can evolve over time, rather than lay dormant, useless. I love that depending on by who and how it is viewed, Feisty can be both aggressive & touchy, as well as assertive and spunky.  Bitchy – on the other had –  is over. Bitchy is  empty, void of any punch & vitality.  It is a useless one-dimensional catch-all used by people too lazy and spineless to know better.  So the fact that I was called one – meh, big deal!


Feisty on the other hand is awesome! Feisty shouted out to drink some water so I did.  Later,  Feisty just rolled her eyes when I tried to justify my sudden craving for a burger & fries and wordlessly brought out the hummus and carrots instead. Feisty reminded me to work out instead of pig-out. Feisty could beat Bitchy in a thumb-wrestle any day. Basically, Feisty rocks and I’m so glad to have met her!



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7 responses to “Meet Bitchy’s little cousin, Feisty.

  1. stephanie

    love it! I like being feisty sometimes too; it keeps people on their feet!!

  2. Feisty sounds awesome and I’d love to meet her some day too. Good for you for going for carrots instead of fries. And you said no to carrot cake too? Amazing girlfriend. Truly amazing. Kudos to you!

    • suzieswapper

      I am saving up all my carrotcake privileges for a trip to Ottawa to hang with you and Angela – the non-gluten kind, of course!

  3. Love feisty! Glad to meet her! Although, it is hard to spell as it doesn’t follow the I before E unless after C rule…adding it to the list after, appropriately, weird. Great post 🙂

  4. I hate that B word, but LOVE the F word.
    I will try to use feisty instead of cranky from now on (because the C word is the worst of all, of course).

  5. Feisty you are. Independent minded you are. Bitchy you are not. Ditch the bitch-caller and hang out with people who love you. And hummous is deelicious.

  6. Oh, THEY were bitchy. Takes a way stronger lady to move on up to feisty. Way to go girl!

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