Fishy Resolution.

I heart 2011


1. Lose weight.  Smirk all you want but if this happened to you, it would be your number one resolution as well:

Tonight we ate at dinner at my mother in laws. Present were my family and my brother/sister/mother in law (um, those are 3 separate people, not one crazy hybrid, btw).

Have I mentioned that my BIL played professional hockey and that my SIL played soccer for Team Canada in the 2008 Olympics in China?

Have I mentioned that um, I once received Most improved player on my women’s softball team?

Have I also mentioned that they are super sweet for never raising an eyebrow at the amount of food I shovel onto my plate? Partly it is because they are way too polite and partly it is because I tend to suck my gut in a lot around them.

Feeling very Violet tonight

So tonight’s incredible supper was salmon, shrimp, salad and asian tofu.  Apparently when I am surrounded by healthy food, I am forced to  eat copious amounts of it, thereby making it unhealthy – it’s a quirky little trick of mine  So there was this combination – where I was busy sucking in my gut every time I walked past either of them – and trying to keep down a small ocean of fish in my belly.

So we leave – all is good, but by now my stomach starting to sound like a grade 7 band rehearsal and I’m a little shaky.

We arrive home and, desperate to um, let out a little bit of air from the tire – I excuse myself to go for a walk.

3 steps into the walk and relief must be had. All you must know about what happened next is that the release (um, ok the flippin FART!!) was so bad I thought I was going to have to go home and change my pants.

So, I dare you – after reading this – to tell me that losing weight is not an admirable goal this year??

Resolution #2: EVERYTHING ELSE



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10 responses to “Fishy Resolution.

  1. Like a grade 7 band rehearsal!! Hahahaha!
    Gas happens. To everyone.

  2. LOL! So so funny!!! Thanks for today’s laugh.


  3. Meh…just avoid the beans baby!! lol Great post hon, but I’ve seen you and you are gorgeous.

    • suzieswapper

      If I recall, I think last time I saw you I was stalking up on chips & haagen-dazs icecream bars, LOL!! can’t wait until next time!!

  4. hahaha!! OMG, I wish we were closer so we could walk together… thanks for this laugh ;o)

    • suzieswapper

      You are one brave lady after what i just admitted, lol!! At the very least, let’s plan a walk over to Starbucks next time I’m in town!

  5. oh





  6. Angie Appoo

    you are so funny!

  7. stephanie

    I had all the people you wrote about in my head, doing the things you wrote, and I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Great blog!

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