Who owns Fat????

I realize that this is a FIVE MINUTE long video – I swear – I did not intend that, I know how long 5 minutes is these days.

But it’s the hardest post I have written (um, ok, video-d) and it would mean a lot to me to get your fedback. Mainly that you do not hate me for my twitter comment.

Let me preface this by saying when I am nervous I smile.  It is an INCREDIBLY bad habit because it looks like a smirk.  I was literally cringing inside when I taped this but I am smiling the entire time.

Also, when I say we should get *over it* I am referring to this feeling of fat, not my comment.  My comment was horrendous, I am just lucky this gal is so dignified and gracious.



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20 responses to “Who owns Fat????

  1. I really think you did a good thing. I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth by hitting “send” too quickly without thinking about how it will make the other person feel. You did a great thing by apologizing and by explaining yourself here.

    Also, HOORAY FOR FAT GIRLS. (or, not hooray, but *high five*)


    • suzieswapper

      owning up to my BIG mouth is almost harder for me than losing the weight but I am really trying-I am normally such a baby-lala about these things. And thanks (AGAIN) for your support!! I wish I could be as frank, and articulate and humorous as you CurvyGirls!!!

  2. You are BIG. Not big as in fat. Big as in it takes a whole bunch of cahones to admit to being a boob, apologizing for it and moving on so gracefully.

    Deep respect for that.

    Plus. You look gorgeous. Especially with the little wrinkle thingy. Which I have too…mostly from being cross with people.
    Oh, and I LOVE that print behind your head. Who did that?
    Oh, and your hair is fantastic. I need new hair.

    Big love!

    • suzieswapper

      DJ’s are never cross, just um, *moody*!! Isn’t the print AMAZING?? her name is Laurie Richards, her work is in galleries in Ottawa & Toronto.
      And Thanks!!! Big love but no hugs!!

  3. I remember you telling me about this shortly after it happened. I think you’ve done a good job of apologizing – sometimes we all say things that we don’t mean the way they come out. Foot in mouth syndrome sucks, I get it all the time!

    As for who owns fat – I don’t know! I say I’m fat but I’m sure everyone who says it about themselves is feeling fat at the time. Regardless – good for you for tackling this online, I know starting Losing it in Ottawa has been something that has made a huge chance in my life and my view on weight loss and hopefully together all of us will start feeling really great in our own skins soon! 🙂

  4. Very well done. I usually hate blogs because the person doing them is nervous and unnatural and I never quite look at them the same way again. I thought you came across very natural and sincere so in my opinion you can keep doin’ them :).

    • That should say vlogs. Stupid auto correct. Grrr.

      • suzieswapper

        um, I LOVE auto correct. Because without it we would have no Damn You AutoCorrect website right??

    • suzieswapper

      I was actually *cringing* inside so thanks for telling me I look natural. And I promise not to abuse my blog vlog powers

      • What’s really funny is that when you said that watching your animated face would make mine do the same, I was on the ferry and could see my reflection in the truck window and was giggling cause I was totally doing that! People walking by were looking a little confused though!
        Cheers, and seriously really good job!

  5. Gillian

    First of all… lovely vlog! I decided to drop by, and I will definitely be back.
    I don’t know what the number is, or who owns fat, or why we can’t just like ourselves and think we are beautiful every day. I think we all have to come to being “ok” with ourselves one day at a time.
    I appreciate you for being you, and for lightening the mood that day.

    • suzieswapper

      Thanks for your gracious feedback, yes, what a day that would beif we could really just all see the beauty in ourselves!

  6. TammyQ

    So, I admit, I was one of those 84% who says they don’t generally like vlogs, but wow, you did an awesome job! And can I just add, that after your video the ‘play next video’ that popped up was “how to lose abdominal fat”, lol 🙂

    • suzieswapper

      That’s too funny!!! And typical! And I promise not to make a habit of vlogs -but can you imagine how long it would have taken to type that entire ramble…well, maybe minus the umms it could have been less!!

  7. CK

    Do we own the fat …or are we just renting??? 😉
    Great job with the blog !!

  8. Stop with the wrinkle! Great Vlog. And since I know you IRL, I can say, she’s way more animated even, so hold on to your socks folks if there are more Vlogs coming.
    We all say things we regret. I think its time you can let go. When you say it in context the sarcasm shines through anyways. So, maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seems ….

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  10. Marci,

    You are such a warm and loving soul and you did a great job with this video. The comment? We’ve all done it and regretted it. Our wrinkles are well earned – a lot whacking the head after saying something stupid.

    As for the fat thing, I’ve lost and found the same 20 pounds my entire life and I’ll probably always see myself as too fat, to old, to this, to that. My New Year’s resolution though is to make little changes 1% at a time. If want to write a book, lose 10 pounds, be wonder mom, I’ll move the needle 1% ever day – and at least be moving in the right direction.

    Cheers, Beautiful – you’re awesome!

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