saddest day of the year? FUNK YOU!!

keeps coffee hot - in more ways than one!

I don’t know why but today is apparently the saddest day of the year.

Personally, I would have nominated the day after Christmas or First Summer Day where I expose my pasty white jiggly thighs to the world with this honor, but alas, here we are.  And actually, I am feeling a bit blue.

It is minus 22 and it seems as if Winter is just warming up (um, except the opposite), my pants don’t feel any looser (in fact, again feeling like it may be opposite day) and my 40th is approaching in a few weeks (I *may* have mentioned this already).

But since I no longer eat my way out of a funk I’ve decided to refuse the funk. So, FUNK YOU, funk!!!  I am going to surround myself with pretty things today, and keep the fire lit, the espresso machine on and the music loud.  I may also ignore the laundry, dishes, unpaid bills and uncut toenails .  I will only use my computer for good today – no CNN, Jezebel, or Huffington Post crazies for me.  So here are a few of my favorite things (oh, and did I mention my birthday will soon be here?):

Pretty as a picture

So what if the food, sucks, I be pretty in this!

dripping hot words spill forth

always Cassia Beck

Anna Maria Horner pure prettiness

Lori Richards



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6 responses to “saddest day of the year? FUNK YOU!!

  1. Funny, yesterday I was feeling kind of funky, but today I think things are looking up.
    Also, I love your apron!

  2. Good idea! If I weren’t at the office (barf!) I’d surround myself with pretty things too. I do have iTunes on pretty loud though ….

  3. You had me at owl. Great list!

  4. Miss b

    Yeah. Funk you funk. Imma go listen to some p funk all-stars. The good kind of funk.

  5. Ya Funk you funk!!! No sadness here. Love the pics. Happy Birthday if I miss you…I just had my big 4-0 in November. It wasn’t that bad. 🙂 Tracy

  6. I am having a Funky Monday. I think chips might be in order for dinner. Thanks Marci!

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