cardigans, tunics and a giveaway…oh my!!

Ok, so in a few days I am turning 40 (not that you’d know it from looking, right? RIGHT???) and I have spent the last few weeks contemplating the Big 40 blog post…and then I decided to do this instead…I may come back to the clever, contemplative introspective later – today, it’s all about the clothes!!! Or rather , the lack of clothing…..

Last week I saw an amazing post on how to pair cardigans (with waaay better photos too!!).  Unfortunately (for me – awesome for her) the author looks to be a size 6. But her ideas were refreshing and inspiring.  I decided to take it as a challenge, to see what I could pull out of my own closet, besides the ratty yoga pants I keep rambling on about….

So basically, here’s my take on cardigans.

  • I would never belt them on me.  Ever.  Besides it would simply get swallowed up where my back-fat meets my love handles
  • I would stick to lightweight fabrics, nothing ribbed or chunky. I have enough of that already
  • I prefer to pair them with tunics and dresses
  • I prefer to keep one hand on my cardigan-covered hip at all times apparently
  • I usually go for solid color cardigan with patterned tunic. On me solid colors tend to show every lump, jiggle and gooshy thing more than a pattern would – it’s all smoke & mirrors

Anthropologie tunic & Jcrew cardigan

Part Two Tunic Banana Republic Cardigan

Anthropologie Skirt NEEDS the right cardigan...ideas??

Local Designer Tunic, JCrew Cardigan

Local Designer Tunic, JCrew Cardigan

Esprit Size L NewWith Tags

So I do own clothing – but because my weight keeps fluctuating (and by that I mean going up!!)I have limited available clothing.   So, luckily (?!?!) I get to turn 40 in a few days and have received a few giftcards for shopping…(but not too many that I’d have turn down offers of more….just sayin…)

But if you have any ideas at all on ways to add to this meagre closet of mine that don’t involve the word stretchy or polyester….please please please let me know!!

In return, I’d love to find a new home for this stunning Esprit dress (see last pic). It has never been worn and is a size Large, it simply does not fit me in the right places.  I can see it worn with a cami underneath unless you are um, interviewing for a new job or applying for a bank loan or something….then just wear as is, with heavy perfume and red red lipstick…

Just leave a comment and let me know you want it.  If there are more than one of you, I will draw your name from a hat or something!!  If this is simply not your size or style, I’d love for you to send to a friend, it really is that nice a dress!  You would just have to decide for yourself: to wear with or without a cardi???  Also, I’d love to hook you up with the local designer who made my tunics, they were made to measure – feel free to ask!!



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38 responses to “cardigans, tunics and a giveaway…oh my!!

  1. Tyla

    Ooh, that’s gorgeous! I would love it!

    (P.S. @SquishandSnort here!)

    • suzieswapper

      And honestly, the picture does it no justice at all….that’s the only reason why I still have it..just soo pretty to look at, even if I can’t wear it!

  2. Caroline

    The “local designer” could be very inspired by this dress. 😉

  3. I love how you’ve paired your cardigans! You look fabulous! Oh, and a little tip: If you want to define your waist without defining your waist, don’t belt the cardigan but belt the tunic or dress under it!
    Lookin’ good Marci!

  4. LOVE. And what about sweater sets for the Anthropologie skirt? Are those “out”? (I’m so unstylish.)

    • suzieswapper

      Classics like twin sets are never, I think….I am heading out to St.Catherine St tomorrow (and the NEXT day!!!) I may bring the skirt with me and see what i find!!
      And seriously, I’ve met you (and your shoes – un-stylish would NEVER be a word I associate with you!

  5. Sabrina

    I would adore that dress!!!

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  7. katy greenbauer

    You have such a great style. I love all those pics, esp. The anthropologie skirt.

    • suzieswapper

      Thanks!! I actually scored the skirt last year through my clothing swap but have only worn it a few times because of it’s wonky colours/textures 9it’s corduroy with green & peach flowers….luckily it looks so much nicer than it sounds!!

  8. Cute. I’d love that dress. Of course I am hoping that in a few months it wouldn’t fit me either.

  9. You are soooo sweet for linking to my post!
    As for the skirt that needs a top…I definitely would not wear a cardigan with it! I would go for a cream-coloured sweater.

    • suzieswapper

      you are good, that may work – I kept trying to pair it with something darker… I’m bringing it shopping with me tomorrow so I’ll try lighter!

  10. it’s hard to see the colors in the skirt…maybe you could go chocolate brown?

  11. I WANT it!!!! And where did you buy the cardigans?!?

  12. Just read where the cardigans were from 🙂

  13. Jennifer

    Enjoy the shopping!!! Birthday really is just around the corner. XX Sweet

  14. Kinga

    What a refreshing post. I lack style and trade it for convenient in order to get out the door. But this I could pull off. No smoke and mirrors! And you look great. Um, I would love to think I can pull the dress off 40lbs lost and a few more to go (more to go to fit that dress anyway)

    • suzieswapper

      wow, congrats!! The fabric is very forgiving so I think it could go up or down a bit…seems it was made for everybody BUT me!

  15. Ooooo I am just recently DOWN to a large from an XL (former size 22 right here). I LOOOVE that dress. Is NY too far to ship???


  16. Love your collection of cardis. Cardigans are the foundation of my closet as well. Although I started to learn to like belting mine – and I have that same back fat, hip fat issues. I even got brave enough to wear a cardigan open and belt it so you could see my blouse underneath. But I also love the suggestion that Suzie Salmon had of belting the tunic or dress underneath the cardigan. Oh yeah, and I might need to “steal” your grey banana republic cardi…

    Welcome to 40!

    • suzieswapper

      yeah, I think I may try that too, but with a longer cardi, I think….so far almost 40 is ok, but I’m getting excited to see what being 40 will bring…2 days to go!

  17. I’m usually a medium but I promise and I make myself a large if I win 🙂

    • suzieswapper

      hahaha!!! I’ve seen you my dear (ok, on youtube but still) I honestly don’t think it would fit. That said, it is *almost * worth is to pack on a few pounds, THAT’s how pretty this dress is!!

  18. So listen I love what you’ve put together already. I hear ya on the back fat meets love handles!

    I’d love to give this tunic to my mom, YES my mom!!! Sh has recently lost almost 70lbs, and still won’t shop for some new things. Perhaps if I gave her this she’d see she looks amazing now and go buy some beautiful new clothes to go with her beautiful new body (she worked her ass off… litterally)

    • suzieswapper

      wow, that’s incredible!!! and very generous of you!! You should encourage your mom to swap her clothes if she doesn’t want to spend too much money right now, especially if she is still trying to get down a bit more..

  19. Tanya

    I love your sense of humor. You look great! That dress is delightful, I can see why you have hung on to it. It would be my lucky day if I won. Thanks for all the laughs on twitter…

    • suzieswapper

      I made a promise to myself not to hold on to things I couldn’t wear anymore (that’s why I started the clothing swap) but I just couldn’t part with this one. Until now! btw, what’s your twitter handle, I am so dense at connecting names to ppl!!

  20. Alex

    Oh, that is SO gorgeous. I wonder if my hips could pull off a pattern like that? It’s drool-worthy!

    You are gorgeous, you know that, right? You make 30 jealous… She wants to look as awesome as 40.


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